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Since 1997, we have represented in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, leading manufacturers of ceramics, porcelain grease, water supplies, sanitary ware and ceramic profiles.

With the brands we represent, we pay full attention to architects and investors through promotions and presentations, and offer technical support, commercial and technical education of showroom and promoter staff, showroom organization, support in communication between customers and suppliers, support in order preparation and assistance until realization. With a professional offer, excellent value for money, we can meet the technical and commercial requirements of any residential or commercial project.


Welcome Ossido beauty into your home

The design of the Ossido line represents the crystallization of a material at a specific point in its life which.

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Luce by Fiandre: Luxury and style in one

Fiandre, a leading company in the production of high range full-body porcelain tile, is present in over 100 countries throughout.

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Bathroom tiles collections for all interior design lovers

When it comes to interior design preferences, maybe you consider yourself a monochrome lover, meaning you do not like a.

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The seductive beauty of Artemis collection: All you can wish for in porcelain tiles

When arranging or redecorating your own space, be sure that you should approach it by looking for the two most.

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Dreamy porcelain tiles that fit your wonderful imagination

Dolmix collection is one of the most special stone-effect porcelain tiles that can fit in almost any space, because of.

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Meet the perfection of Onice by Keope Ceramica

The Ceramiche Keope’s wide range of polished marbles, with porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles, is not only a way.

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The simplicity of modern life presented through the Omnia collection

Beige, light grey, and overall neutral colors are today’s must in contemporary living spaces. Their light energy, various styles, and.

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9cento: Express your inner artist

Keope ceramics’ porcelain stoneware floors and walls for outdoor and indoor environments, in commercial, public, or residential spaces, truly can.

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