Welcome Ossido beauty into your home

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The design of the Ossido line represents the crystallization of a material at a specific point in its life which stays that way forever. Specifically, it entails the reproduction of an oxidation process on slabs of copper and metal, which generates a very strong and rich color, yet inevitably disappears as the oxidation process progresses.

In this way, capturing a moment of maximum splendor of the color onto the surfaces develops beautiful color variants. One of the most special intrigues is played by light, which always generates new reflections and new variations in color.

These astonishing bold surfaces used in interior furnishings and items of interior décor offer variants such as Ossido Nero (black) and Bruno (brown), while all surfaces in the Ossido series are distinguished by the technical excellence, allowing them to be resistant to impact, stains and scratches.

Try to think about a long-lasting desicion that will embellish your favorite space – and it is just a click away. Browse through all the Ossido line details and performances, and make the right choice that suits you the most.