Il brand - showroom of designer beauty

The beauty of the design of perfectly performed lines with the right technology, while keeping pace with modern solutions for quality living, makes unique and personal designs created by different models, bringing in the space elegance, functionality and ideal stylistic attributes of enviable values and components.

Thus, we have been offering our ideas and solutions, as well as creativity and refinement of performance since 2008 in the first office in Zagreb where our showroom was prepared. With its newly redesigned and truly special and specific attire, it has gained special values, attracting a large number of new users, and is projected and designed for presentations by the brands and suppliers we represent. In the showroom you will find a large selection of demonstration materials in original formats of ceramics, sanitary ware and fittings, and with satisfaction of the most demanding inquiries, the offer is intended for potential clients, architects, investors, designers and all creatives who cultivate their love for innovative products and solutions from the world of ceramics.

Create unique combinations of design lines and details, combining aesthetics with functionality, and enriching the space with a wealth of performance, texture and beauty.