Luce by Fiandre: Luxury and style in one

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Fiandre, a leading company in the production of high range full-body porcelain tile, is present in over 100 countries throughout the world and offers a wide choice of solutions for floors and coverings, by responding to all building and living requirements. Fiandre is a versatile company that guarantees a significant and recognizable look in its final solutions, while it manages to respond to the requirements of a design world that is constantly developing.

Of course, Fiandre manages to stay on top thanks to the long-lasting commitment, from 50 years’ history, during which quality, skill, and innovation brought the company into a predominant market position.

One of its beautiful final solutions comes in the form of the Luce collection: a true gem in the world of porcelain tiles, designed by Guillermo Mariotto. Luce’s classic elegance, with effects that make it almost fluid looking, is adorned by many all over the world, and this comes as no surprise. Quality, beauty, and innovative nature were some of the main aims when creating this simple and luxurious collection, so it is no wonder why it has become loved by many.

Its six colors, from pearl, to silver, gold, and black, allow you to imagine Luce with any color scheme of your interior, making it easy to become a part of a larger picture – a space you call your own.