Dreamy porcelain tiles that fit your wonderful imagination

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Dolmix collection is one of the most special stone-effect porcelain tiles that can fit in almost any space, because of its wide range of possibilities. There is not a single idea for interior design that Dolmix could not embellish even more and make it stand out in its aesthetic and ornamental components which make this collection one of the favorites of many dear customers.

The characteristic that is so special about Dolmix is that the surface offers the chromatic mixture of multiform pebble, which retains the charm of the material. This stone effect, which finds its inspiration from the Italian mountains, expresses a new power in decorating spaces and allows your home decor to have a completely new energy and beauty.

Dolmix, in a way, represents a pure sign of versatility, since its formats are modern and generous, including the sizeable 120×278 cm slab. The square forms – 120×120 cm and 60×60 cm – are also available in 20mm thickness, so that commercial and residential areas can achieve a sense of continuity between indoor and outdoor.

What is even more outstanding, when it comes to design itself, is the limestone tint, which is a result of meticulous graphic which opens the scene to contrasting or kindred juxtapositions alongside with the elements of the same architectural scenography.

Try not to fall in love with Dolmix. Write to us and tell us your idea and how would you incorporate it into your space. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!