Luce – An authentic collection that will take the space into a new dimension

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Graniti Fiandre and designer Guillermo Mariotto collaborated to create Luce, a collection with a visionary feel that reworks the classic elegance of authentic tiles to elevate architecture to a new dimension. The designer’s main thought was to consider ceramics and the play of light, a powerful visual weapon capable of outlining, discovering, shaping, and giving life to matter and the surrounding space. This completely new collection combines technological expertise and high-quality ceramics with designer inspiration, resulting in an authentic story of creativity and innovation. LUCE is an ambitious project that aims to highlight the eclectic nature of ceramics as a material. A versatile,

changeable surface that demonstrates the right character through reflections, light-dark contrasts, and pliability is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications in public and private settings. The LUCE collection is also available as an Active Surface® that is environmentally friendly. Active Surfaces® are high-performance ceramic materials that have been on the market for over ten years. They are antibacterial, odorless, non-polluting, and self-cleaning.

Graniti Fiandre and designer Guillermo Mariotto have achieved a new level of design expertise with the Luce collection, creating surfaces with a thousand faces that are versatile and rich in personality.