Touch-me: a hi-tech touch in your kitchen

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Each Remer Rubinetterie product and collection reflects the work and passion of a team of qualified employees who are driven by the company’s philosophy of continuous growth and improvement. The new Touch me hi-tech kitchen mixer is no exception, and it is ideal for every household due to its features and small footprint. It’s an ingenious “Touch Me” technology that allows you to control the faucet with a simple touch. Water flow can be activated and deactivated by making direct contact with a mixer with the finger or hand, but also the forearm, wrist, or elbow. This method of activating the mixers prevents them from being caught while your hands are busy or dirty, maximizing working time and preserving product cleanliness. If the tap is turned on but not touched for a certain period of time, it will turn off automatically to save water. In addition to convenience and time savings, this high-tech mixer improves hygiene by eliminating the need to touch the faucet directly with your hands. The Touch Me mixer is battery powered, so no electrical connections are required, and the modern design combined with functionality makes this mixer an excellent choice for designers.