Ventilated facades

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The ventilated facade exemplifies the material’s perfection, as it not only has beautiful aesthetics but also meets the requirements of all weather conditions and functionality. Ventilated facades are a technological solution that creates a double structure for external walls, i.e. a ventilated air space between the facade cladding and the external wall. This space then allows air to flow from the bottom to the top of the building, lowering the temperature and removing residual condensation. There are several methods for installing ventilated facades, but the common feature of all such facades is that they can be used for any type of construction to ensure a high level of comfort in interiors. These facades are ideal for office buildings and hotels because they are easily installed in large buildings, thereby speeding up the construction process, and the end result is a combination of aesthetics and superior insulation properties. Ventilated facades are becoming more popular in architecture because they enable architects to meet all client requirements in any climate. The goal of Il brand realization is to realize your vision for residential or commercial buildings using functional and high-quality Laminam cladding.