Unusual and unique Shadow line collection

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For over 20 years, the craftsmen at Petra Antique have used technical skill and paid close attention to detail to create and deliver stone designs that are distinguished by the high quality of their materials and impeccable workmanship. Petra Antique is always striving to bring innovation and creativity to the world of design and natural stone, and the Shadow line collection is an excellent option for unique and innovative home furnishings. This collection allows for the reproduction of any image in natural stone, according to the client’s wishes, which makes the collection inspiring for many designers who can come up with all sorts of ideas and “play” with images in stone. The selected painting is manifested in all its beauty through the play of shadows that makes the painting, but also the wall on which it is located, a true and unique work of art, thanks to elaborate engraving techniques. The collection includes three different image resolutions, and depending on the distance and viewing angle, the image changes its “look,” making it an intriguing addition to add finesse and elegance to the interior of any home.