Elegance of marble tiles for luxurious decoration

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Under the saying of the famous Leonardo da Vinci „Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“ the company Keope Ceramiche studies, designs and manufactures porcelain stone floor and wall coverings in Italy. The 9Cento collection is the culmination of artistic surfaces, lines of marble and stone inspired by European modernist architecture from the early 20th century. The 9Cento porcelain series has an original palette of 6 color variations, reminiscent of the luxurious surroundings of modern villas from the beginning of the last century. Modern eclecticism combines materials and colors making variants with marble effects very modern and intertwined with the past and fashion of the last century. Verde floor coverings are interspersed with various shades of green and mineral filaments, while Metamorfosi floor and wall coverings with a combination of color, shape and shine celebrate the creative use of natural materials in a futuristic context. Regardless of which of the 6 variations of cladding it is, every detail is carefully created and represents unpredictable textures of marble surfaces that are a frequent choice of designers. Different combinations of colors and sizes make this collection the perfect combination for decorating a wide variety of spaces that will exude elegance and sophistication.