Modern and multifunctional surfaces for furniture design

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Laminam company visualizes and creates modern solutions in the production of facades, floor and wall coverings or furniture. It produces ceramic tiles that stand out in particular with their design and wide range of applications. In addition to decorating the exterior, they can be used for paving interiors. The panels look refined and give features in every space. Laminam has found the most suitable solutions to achieve long-lasting results thanks to its experts and designers. Also, Laminam provides consulting and customization of furniture design projects. It is specific to Laminam that its surfaces can be used to arrange entire kitchens and kitchen furniture, from work surfaces to the dining table, in order to create a perfect whole. Bathroom cabinets, wall units, drawers, built-in cabinets, doors and staircases can also be tiled. Laminam always consults with clients and respects their wishes which helps them in the whole process. . Each material is carefully selected, which results in a quality and ‘clean’ product composition. The production process is environmentally friendly and creates the least possible impact on it, encouraging energy efficiency.