Furniture made from elegant porcelain tiles

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The Graniti Fiandre company offers a collection of elegant Graniti ceramic tiles. High-quality panels are suitable for use in difficult conditions, which means that they can be coated in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Graniti Fiandre creates its materials in collaboration with important companies for which research, excellence and finding new solutions is the primary goal. The constant improvement of technological tools is what enables it to best protect the environment from the harmful effects of industrialization. Fiandre stands out for its precision and success in launching advanced products that meet all market requirements and a diverse clientele. Porcelain tiles can be coated on various surfaces, and even furniture. So you can line kitchen cabinets, counters and worktops. Slabs are made entirely according to the wishes of the clients, and the client can choose the colors, decide on the finishing look (polished, matte, soft…) and determine whether he wants the slabs to have the effect of stone, wood, monochrome effect, etc. Let the professionals, who are known around the world, arrange your dream furniture.