Interno4 collection: original porcelain tiles resembling the Italian landscape

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Keope is an Italian ceramic company that studies, designs, and manufactures porcelain stone floors and wall panels. The history of the company began in 1995 in the historic Gruppo Concorde, and today their production has been expanded to a total of eighty countries. The Interno4 collection is a reflection of technological and process innovation. Tiles with a marble effect and prestigious quality exude a modernist, Italian style. Thanks to the mineral composition of the tiles and the production process, the surfaces are resistant to weather changes, fires, shocks, scratches, and similar aggressions. The marble is polished, and its luster and color variations create iconic interiors that resemble the Italian landscape. In addition to the tiles from this collection coming in several sizes, it is possible to choose different geometric patterns. As the client chooses between a variety of colors, the designers play with composition and contrast. Strong mineral colors, in a glossy or matte finish, give the panels an imposing appearance. The interior of the twentieth century was inspired by decorative lines with a marble effect that make the panels look sophisticated. Keope is known for its program of eco-sustainability and the “Greenthinking” mark is the symbol of Keope commitment to the protection of nature.