Slate stone slabs bringing nature to your home

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Since 1974, Panaria ceramica has been producing flooring and wall coverings for luxurious interior and exterior decoration. The new ZERO.3 Stone Trace collection presents slate inspired by stone slabs, which is why it brings a touch of nature into everyone’s home. Intense color, original surface shades and chromatic balance make slate an elegant background solution for home decoration. This laminated stone comes in five colors or shades. Apart from the fact that the panels are distinguished by their natural material and precision of design, they give the impression of spaciousness. After all, they are completely safe for health because of their antibacterial effect. Due to their characteristics, the panels used for outdoor decor look contemporary and seem to blend in with nature. They can be installed over existing floors, which enables easier renovation of the space, by quick installation of panels without the need for demolition. Whether you want to decorate your private space, bathroom, kitchen or living room, or you want to arrange spa centers and restaurant kitchens, Panaria ceramica panels are the perfect fit.