Unique and elegant facades of the Laminam company

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Laminam turns the vision of architects, exterior and interior designers into reality. It encourages designers and architects to express their creativity through the production of ceramic surfaces of high quality and sustainability. Laminam ceramic tiles are used to decorate facades, walls, floors and furniture and are a key element in interior design. Entire buildings can be paved with such surfaces, so they become recognizable and visually attractive. In addition to residential buildings, skyscrapers and entire architectural complexes are changing their aesthetics thanks to Laminam surfaces. The panels are light and easy to maintain. Clients have a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. In order to achieve the desired goal, Laminam provides its customers with a range of consulting services that help them in the landscaping process. Architects and designers take into account wishes and style of their clients and therefore decide on the design, size of the panels and budget.