Graniti Fiandre: antibacterial and antiviral ACTIVE SURFACES

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“Where design and science meet, beauty and well-being live”, that is the motto of ACTIVE SURFACES ceramics. They are the result of 100% Italian research that began 10 years ago thanks to close cooperation between the Graniti Fiandre Group and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan. These ceramics combine the aesthetic value suited to high quality projects with the function of improving the well-being of those who live in them. Furthermore, they offer people the freedom to enjoy the beauty of design in complete safety. ACTIVE ceramics are the only ones in the world to bephotocatalytic, anti-pollution, antibacterial and antiviral, ISO certified and boasting two European patents. ACTIVE SURFACES are distinguished by four important properties:anti-pollution effectiveness makes these tiles able to permanently and continuously eliminate polluting molecules in the air, including the most toxic and dangerous ones for humans, simply using the light and humidity in the room. Also, they are over 99% anti-bacterial and antiviral effective. The oxidation process induced by the ACTIVE surfaces photocatalysis destroys the bacteria that come into contact with the surface. Moreover, ACTIVE surfaces remove odors, because of the abbility to degrade the main molecules responsible for bad odors in an effective and powerful way, even under LED lights. Finally, thanks to the photocatalytic properties of ACTIVE surfaces, dirt adheres less to the surface, facilitating its removal, which is why they are considered to be self-cleaning. ACTIVE surfaces is the only photocatalytic ceramic in the world that works with any type of lighting: natural, artificial, as well as the new energy-saving LED lamps.The exclusive production process makes the ceramics effective 24 hours a day and ensures its action never ends. ACTIVE surfaces are made of high quality porcelain stoneware and can be applied to floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors, even in high traffic areas. They are also ideal for covering furnishings with surfaces that are frequently in contact with people, such as in personal care or food preparation and consumption settings. These tiles are available in a complete product range, in large or traditional sized tiles, designed to the highest aesthetic and quality standards. If you want to know more about antiviral and antibacterial surfaces for safer environments, and solutions between well-being and sustainability in times of the Covid-19 disease pandemic, make sure to join an online classroom organized by company Fiandre. The online classroom will be held on the 9th of December 2020, from 13.45 (opening classrom, lesson starts at 14.00) till 15.00 (closing classrom).