Dolmix tiles

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Company Ceramiche Keope picks the very best raw materials and turns them into products that live up to functional and aesthetic standards. Not only do they concentrate on details and precision, but they are also eco-friendly and culturally conscience. In its selection, they offer so-called Dolmix tiles. Dolmix modernizes materials from long in the past, deeply rooted in Italian architecture and it is perfectly in step with the rapidly-evolving field of design. The timeless beauty of the Venetian terrace is back in fashion with surfaces that can be used to pave floors and clad walls. The collection represents pure versatility in sizes which include: large tiles 120×278 cm, the square tiles- measuring 120×120 cm and 60×60 cm- they are also 20 mm thick, so they are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. The result of meticulous research and different combinations of limestone backgrounds and mineral grafts is three shades of tiles: neutral Gray color is visually appealing and enables combining with different materials. Then, romantic and Light Gray exudes a delicate light that enhances furnishings. Lastly, Dark Gray, which highlights the colored fragments in the background. Dolmix tiles are acid resistant, easy to clean, resistant to frost, resistant to sudden thermal changes, smog, and other air pollutions. Also, the tiles are resistant to stresses and abrasion, they are ‘anti-slip’, fire-resistant and they do not absorb water. From materials that are being used in the production process, the company recycles 98% of the waste, 65% of energy is self-produced and 100% of waste water is recovered. Dolmix tiles are available in the Il Brand offer for everyone who would enjoy a dash of Italian style in their home.