Ceramic tiles of the collection Active – the design of an ideal blend of architecture, nature and science

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The combination of unique design and great scientific prosperity represents the true beauty and foundations of a healthy, good and green life. Why not stick to that when designing an amazing space? Floor or wall tiles are truly the basis for creating the ideal space and the entire home or business space, and the Active collection represents exactly the desired combination of top architecture and the pursuit of science for the best possible quality of life.

Fiandre’s Active collection, which you can, of course, find in the Il brand, is designed to offer a blend of aesthetic value and beauty suitable for quality projects with excellent functionality while improving the well-being of life. The ceramic tiles of this collection offer the freedom of true pleasure in the beauty of the design itself, while at the same time representing antibacterial and antiviral components thus significantly contributing to the true well-being of quality of life.

Discover the uniqueness of nature in a combination of fantastic architectural design and remarkable advancement of science – ceramic tiles from the Active collection represent the best of both worlds, and that perfection is combined into superior design with an emphasis on elegance, modernity, luxury and the beauty of nature.