Safe installation system for wall and floor coverings

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The foundations of each space are represented by top performance of profiles and installation systems for walls and floors – quality, functionality and design are the right choice of professional performance and meeting the highest requirements, expectations and needs of each client, and this is what Profilitec offers as part of the Il brand.

Profilitec studies your needs and based on them offers solutions and systems for achieving amazing space. Their products for the installation of wall and floor coverings are easy to use, durable, versatile and top quality, and all of that is guaranteed by their foundations – areas of specialization as they unite the work and specifications of builders, architects and contractors. The main goal of the company is to save your time when adapting space, as well as top-quality and safe installation systems that will give your home or business facility high-quality foundations for wall and floor coverings.

Every big project requires a great start and the basics – this is exactly what Profilitec offers you. Start the realization with a great and safe foundation!