Green products of amazing quality and enviable aesthetics as guardians of your surroundings

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Business facilities and your home require the fulfillment of the absolutely highest components of architecture, which is a combination of superior functionality and attractive aesthetics. This combination raises the architecture to a whole new level of quality, excellent design, fantastic lines and functional components. In addition to providing you with the best, it provides the conditions for environmental protection – all of which you can find in the Il brand and Laminam products.

Laminam strives to meet the highest requirements of greenery with its products and their production and adheres to three rules in achieving it – natural raw materials, maintaining technology that means low energy consumption, zero pollutant emissions and minimum CO2 emissions, while the third safety condition relates to recycling of all products. What Laminam guarantees is that its production processes will leave only water vapor in the atmosphere, production waste is reused in other applications and no additional resources are used, while the specific characteristics of Laminam products, like easiness and size, help limit the impact of transport on the environment compared to other traditional products.

So, in addition to the Il brand and Laminam amazing products, you choose excellent quality and enviable aesthetics, but also the best production process for your environment!